General / 31.03.21
Wilderness in the Workplace

As we gradually emerge from the latest Covid restrictions, some employers will start to encourage workers back to the office but how can they ensure that post-Covid working environments are as welcoming as possible whilst also encouraging productivity. We take a look at Biophilic design and the concept of incorporating natural elements into office spaces as a means of supporting mindset at work and reducing stress.

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General / 29.01.21

Covid has focused our attention back on the importance of nature and its ability to heal - both itself and us. Across the world, people are re-discovering the connection between mental wellbeing and access to the outdoors.

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General / 04.12.20

A brief introduction to Wild Spaces, our values and our founder Matt. Wild Spaces was launched in December 2020 with a mission to supporting outdoor/adventure photographers dedicated to documenting the world’s wilderness.

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