Photographer Q&A / 03.03.21
Getting to know: Ana-Maria Pavalache

Currently based in the Swiss Alps, Ana-Maria Pavalache is an outdoor photographer and visual storyteller. She has spent much of her photographic career in the High Asia region and alongside her photography, she is a wonderfully engaging writer with a natural talent for discovering and sharing important, often uplifting, stories from the places she visits.

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Photographer Q&A / 29.01.21

Levison Wood is a best-selling author, explorer and photographer who has worked in over 100 countries and written seven best-selling books. He has also produced six critically acclaimed documentaries, which have aired around the world.

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Photographer Q&A / 28.12.20

Carsten Egevang is an award-winning photographer and visual storyteller focusing much of his 25 year career on the ever-changing conditions of the Arctic region.

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