Wild Spaces proudly supports the World Land Trust and we have committed 10% of our revenue to supporting projects focused on protecting and restoring the world's wilderness.

Our Story

In 2018, whilst on a climbing trip to the Tetons in Wyoming, our founder Matt met a group of independent photographers who had recently returned from a self-funded tour of Alaska and were speaking to local galleries / restaurants / coffee shops to get their recent work exhibited in the hope of driving print sales.

Through speaking with them, Matt established that they'd need to sell upwards of 50 prints just to break even from their trip and it became apparent how challenging making a living was for many independent photographers, especially without regular commercial work. Needless to say, the coronavirus pandemic created further challenges with restictions to travel and far fewer commercial opportunites.

In December 2020, Wild Spaces was launched with a simple mission: to support talented independent photographers and harness the power of their work to drive appreciation for the remaining wilderness on our planet.

Wild Spaces are committed to supporting outdoor/adventure photographers dedicated to documenting and capturing the world’s wilderness by giving them a specialist platform to share their work, the narrative around it and the opportunity to sell gallery quality archival prints.

Our Commitment

We proudly support the World Land Trust (WLT) and have committed 10% of our revenue to supporting projects focused on protecting and restoring the world's wilderness. We understand the importance of the WLT's mission in protecting the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats acre by acre in order for future generations to be able to thrive in a happy and healthy world.


We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality fine art prints on behalf of our photographers. We work in partnership with theprintspace, the UK’s leading fine art printer and their professional art prints are made using the very best high definition equipment and finest materials, all overseen by master printers.

Theprintspace is the UK’s only Fine Art & Photo printing service that is completely carbon neutral. This means they offset all carbon emissions that their business is responsible for. However, we're not just satisfied being neutral and together with the theprintspace, we will continue to seek new ways of working that will lead us to a net postive environmental impact.