Wild Spaces proudly supports the World Land Trust and we have committed 10% of our revenue to supporting projects focused on protecting and restoring the world's wilderness.

Sustainability | Carbon Neutral

We pride ourselves in offering the highest quality fine art prints on behalf of our photographers and as a business that aims to foster appreciation for the natural world, we feel a responsibility to minimise our impact on the world around us.

Wild Spaces work in partnership with theprintspace, the UK’s leading fine art printer. Their professional art prints are made using the very best high definition equipment and finest materials, all overseen by master printers. 

High quality carbon neutral printing

Not only are we very careful about the quality of the reproduction in our artworks, we are equally concsious about the impact they will have on the environment. That’s why our professional print partners are certified Carbon Neutral. Where carbon emissions cannot be avoided, they are offset using The Gold Standard offsets, recommended by Greenpeace. This includes delivery.

However, Wild Spaces are not satisfied with being Carbon Neutral and we will continue to seek new processes and ways of working with a view to achieving a net positive environmental impact.