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Uninhabited (2008)

Jody MacDonald

Limited Edition of 15 + 2 AP | Certificate of Authenticity:

  • 60 inches x 40 inches - Edition n° 1/3
  • 45 inches x 30 inches - Edition n° 1/5
  • 30 inches x 20 inches - Edition n° 1/7

Jody's images are printed on Hahnemühle FineArt Pearl paper (satin) and available as print-only or with Dibond® mounting and fitted with a black hardwood tray frame.

Packaging & Delivery

If you opt for framing, your print will be protected on all sides by archival foam and taped meticulously by specialists at theprintspace to ensure no damage can occur. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery of your framed print.


Behind the Image

by Jody MacDonald

I took this photo years ago during the ten years that I lived at sea. A view that would emerge after a long passage of not seeing anything for days. Without even going to shore, the thought of being able to go on land to explore a new, seemingly undiscovered land was always such a thrill. It's a simple photo, but to me, a reminder of the beauty of simplicity. To dream big, explore as much as I can, be curious, that life is short and so much bigger than whatever daily grind I'm in and whatever problems I have, and most importantly, we have to protect our planet's wild places. I find it pretty cool that a simple photo can remind me of so much.
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